Radko Tichavsky, instructor del diplomado con grupo de productores de aguacate

  Course of agrohomeopathy online

Zonas de fragmentación elevada vistas desde satélite

  Course of agrohomeopathy online

La vision holística de la biodiversidad

  Course of agrohomeopathy online

Preparación de remedios homeopáticos en el laboratorio

  Course of agrohomeopathy online

Trituración de materiales en labolatorio homeopático

  Course of agrohomeopathy online

Course of agrohomeopathy online


Agrohomeopathy online is an advanced course on the use of homeopathy in agriculture, allows management of pests, and offers avant-garde knowledge of nutrition of soil and plants. Today, the agrohomeopathy is an indispensable tool for all organic and biodynamic producer.
One semester of study is divided into 11 sub topics with instructional videos, study materials, an extensive library with scientific support and possibility of online instruction to resolve doubts and problems in learning. 
The start of the course is individual and progress in the study also (according to availability of each participant).
One semester study.

Pay with credit o debit card.


  • Age: 18
  • start day and time: 1 hr
  • Activities Period: 180 days
  • Course Contents

  • History of agrohomeopathy
  • Laboratory technique of agrohomeopathy
  • Computarized analysis of holons (software included)
  • Detection of vitality in soils, seed and crops.
  • Biotypology of soils, seeds and crops.
  • Repertorization of crops.
  • Advanced techniques of homeopathic potencialization.
  • Cientific support and literature for each module.
  • Instructional videos and unlimited advice during the course
  • Focus on specific cultures of each participant
  • The instructor: Radko Tichavsky, expert and world authority on the subject, the author of several books on agrohomeopatía

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