Specialized workshop of diplomat-social protocol a

  Specialized workshop of diplomat-social protocol a

Specialized workshop of diplomat-social protocol a

English // Class: 1 A I

Specialized workshop of diplomat - social protocol and public image

1.Develop executive skills in managing public image to positions of political or economic relevance.
2. Trains in organizing national and international high level events.
3. Form practical skills for professional protocol performance in real scenarios.


  • City: Centro de capacitación del IC Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, MEXICO
  • Age: 18
  • start day and time: 24 hr
  • Activities Period: 3 days
  • Nights: 1

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    Meeting Point

    Meeting point will be defined once you make your reservation via e-mail

    Addressed to

    Ejecutivos de empresas con contactos internacionales, ejecutivos de relaciones internacionales


    Damas: 1er día traje sastre con falda- 2° día Vestido Coktel, zapato cerrado (NO sandalias descubiertas) 

    Caballeros: Traje obscuro, camisa blanca o de un solo color (sin cuadros, ni rayas) y corbata, ambos días.


    Coffee break with fruit and sandwich each session. Meet is individual in the area.


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